greaterthanME is a movement that raises awareness of an attitude of service. Placing others before us to show them nothing but LOVE. Following the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we want to model what it means to serve others. Jesus placed others and their needs before himself. He saw past their flaws, mistakes, language, attitude and even what their background was AND STILL CHOSE to serve them and show them love.

Our society is begging for people like you to show them love. To show them what it means to be humble and serve them. 


I heard a story about how powerful a lion is. The lion is considered the King of the Jungle! Lions go after what they want without seeing the borders of limitations. Some say tigers are bigger and more ferocious than a lion. But one thing they don't realize, tigers travel solo. One on one they may be strong but they always travel solo.

Lions aren't powerful because of who and what they are. Lions are powerful because they travel in a group called a PRIDE. The lion realizes that alone he may be powerful but as a pride he is ten times more powerful and can overcome any obstacle because he has his pride. 


That is what greaterthanME clothing is all about. TEAMWORK. If one can impact someone else's life, imagine how much more can a group, a PRIDE, of people can change?


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